Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Fave Album of the year so far- JACK PENATE EVERYTHING IS NEW

It must be said the cheesy chicken wing dance did wanna make me cut his toes off. His dress sense ocassionally erred on the side of visual sucide one too many times it can also be said. Album one from Mr Penate was all a bit too freckin happy happy for me, esp when you heard those singles over and over and over and over again, although I was happy for him, I liked his face, indeed I confess I liked, not loved, his oh-so-indie tunes, the man definately knew how to write a corker which always warms my stone cold bleeding heart.
Then ‘Today’s Tonight’ shook me, Everything was new! I loved every note of this glorious album from start to finish. Shimmering African inspired guitars, undulating sexy salsa beat sprinkled with plentiful, beautifully memorable hooks and lovely lucious lyrics, the whole feel of it, inspired me and I’ve yet to find an album this year that I love more.
I’m also lovin’ his gruff grown up scraggy suited trobadour look, he’s grown into a gorgeous man, sexy in a ‘I’m a bit interested but really can’t be arsed’ way’ which is always best doncha think?
There have been many albums worthy of my adoration this year, Band of Skulls, Biffy Cyro, Florence, Fleet Foxes, Gul Boratto, Karima Francis, all rocked my gin palace, but Jack Penate’s Everything Is New is my album of the year because shows an artist of quality not afraid to move on a develop himself away from what made him succesful, this is not an album of change for change’s sake but an inspired stunning movement on from a very well recieved start. This album is very enjoyable to me, I love listening to it, a stunning piece of music produced by a man not afraid to climb out of a pool filled with his own hype.


  1. Mmm

    Its interesting to know what kind of music you like!

    Im making a note of it ;)


  2. Totalmente de acordo contigo, home de xeo ;)...I agree, it's interesting!!

  3. in case anyone wants to hear ;)

    sounds good skin, thank you for telling about him!

  4. Skin, I thought you might lie to wach and hear this

    Just found it today after reading your post :)

  5. I bought this after seeing him at Glastonbury. I totally missed the hype of the first album. Today's Tonight is brilliant xx