Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Dave Gohl(Foo Fighters) Josh Homme(Queens of the stone age), John Paul Jones (Led Zepellin), ALL IN ONE BAND! Now thats just greedy innit!, its enough to make you just say fuck it and throw in the towel.... but hold on a minute, like Real Madrid, just cos you got the best players, doesnt mean all you gotta do it put ya boots on!
"Supergroups" can be a recipe for disaster, I mean, thats alot ego in a small room for a very long time, someone's gotta suck it up and bend over and someone's gotta jump on a chair with a megaphone. In this case, Josh Homme defo had the keys to the ball clamps cos this album is classic Q.O.T.S. from top to bottom. The feel is rootsier, warmer, bit more earthy than your usual homme offering, John Paul Jones musta pulled rank at some point then, but if your a Q.O.T.S. fan you'll love it!

I admit my hooky little pop ears could have done with a bit more to hold on to, killer riffs begging in the gutter to become glorious pop songs sung by village idiots in karoke heaven, litter the floor of every track, grasping, desperate to have more than 10 seconds of airtime, yes it does get a little prog-rock, but I still love it.

This music makes me feel romantic, I have this beautiful vision of a bunch of likeminded friends getting together, having fun making great music and not really giving a fuck where it goes. You get such a strong sense that these are proper muscians who just love their chosen craft and wanna put some quality material into cyberspace to inspire, to influence and to generate greatness in others.
This is high quality, lovely rich succulent music made by people who love music, for people who love music, real music that moves the soul, evokes emotion and means something to anyone with real ears.
This is not an album of top ten corkers, its not an album for radio at all but a simply great sounding, well made piece of top grade shit, made by guys who really by now know what the hell their doing and I must say, doing it very well indeed.


  1. Gracias, gran aportación! Desconocía la existencia de este nuevo grupo...aunque me habría enterado tarde o temprano ;)
    Me encanta todo lo que comentas y cómo lo creo que pueda añadir nada mas a lo ya dicho...bueno, si: que voy a comprar este album :D


  2. Thanks for the heads up about Them Crooked Vultures. I like both Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age and so you know this is a pleasant surprise for me. Good stoner music.