Thursday, 28 January 2010

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Getty Villa, Mailbu

I couldn't resist passing by The Getty Villa in Malibu on my travels through Los Angeles, it houses J.Paul Getty's original Art collection, silly me thought I was off to see the house where they all lived (shoulda done my research as he never saw it completed even though he died two years after its completion) but instead I was treated to his re-incarnation of the famous Villa of the Papyri, wonderful but nowhere near as much fun. So if you are interested in stunning ancient antiquities that catapulte you back to the days when robes and whippings were a must, your'e in for a wonderful treat but if you , like me, wanted to see worn patches on leather armchairs or a dressing table covered in divorce papers next to a silk dressing gown, a cigar and a ransom note, you'll be bitterly disappointed.

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Introducing THE FACE my adopted internet cat.


Making of my new gorgeous website coming soon!

Yes my brand new site has had a complete re-do, it will incorporate all things SKIN including links to Skunk Anansie, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc as well as new sections about my DJ gigs and other new projects in the pipeline. We will be keeping the forum and news items but the whole thang is about to get a whole lot prettier folks, watch this space!

I wanna live in Maui

I was on holiday OK!!!

Way too cold to get the camera out so this is my only Aspen pic! You can be rest assured we had fun in the snow!

I'm back!

Hello sweet blog victims, I must firstly apologise for leaving you with nothing but a scowling Ace for a while, my facebook friends will know that I've been zipping around the planet faster than a speeding Schumacher (sorry Lewis...Jenson..whatever) and while that's no excuse for my lazy fingers its the only one your gettin'.
I spent a whole month on the other side of the planet with my better half and we had a gay old time! I'll post a couple of cute pics for your delectation, but now I'm in freezing cold Berlin, back to work with a bang and enjoying every minute. Trying to conquer sleep has been a little bit testing hence the early morning blog but everything has its up side and mine starts now. Enjoy!

Friday, 15 January 2010

Zenbunni heaven!

Zenbunni - 2307 Main Street, Los Angeles California, 90405 / tel 310 452 9605

My New Favourite shop in LA has to be Zenbunni in Santa Monica, two very charming shopkeepers in the guise of Zen (he) and Bunni (she) not forgetting the two cutest pups on the planet, host a marvelous collection of curiosities from jewellery to snakeskin chains, stunning nude photography taken and printed by Bunni herself, to vintage tees and scarves, not forgetting raw organic chocolate made by themselves which is the best I've ever tasted. Definitely a place for those with a taste for beauty with a curious edge. I purchased this gorgeous spider ring that snaps apart to make a bracelet. Apparently it was soooo difficult to make the designer stopped at the one, green anyone.