Saturday, 7 November 2009

mmmm MTV awards...oh what to wear...?? shall I go for total slapper or cocksucking ho?

I cant take it!!!!! the competition is too tough!! I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and do a video in nothing but a pair of suspenders, a pearl necklace with a dildo up me arse!
I mean, was it me or was the only press any woman got after the MTV awards in Berlin, dressed like a two quid hooker in a red Munich back alley window! Most disappointing of all was Beyonce, she don't even NEED to, that means she mus wanna dress like that!!! and I have to say not quite getting it right.
She's really been rockin' the European labels in recent years now mum ain't dressing her (how sad was that!), LOVE how she's been showing the beptics (black septics for those who don't speak french) how to rock in the finest couture but that look we'rent right hunnay, although she did show a certain someone how to rock Koma. miaow!

Saw Florence and The machine on David Letterman last night, looking good but why oh why please someone tell me...why did she play the only song on her album I don't like, "a kiss with a fist is better than none" is a very controversial lyric taken out of context but in the song I don't geddit either, she has such greatness on that CD and yet they played the song that showed her off the least. GUTTING! I can only presume The Letterman people MADE them do it get some excitement going on in their tired asses. It may have made them look edgy and 'cool' but it did nothing for the wonderful gorgeous talent that is Florence and the machine.

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  1. LOve the blog sweetie, very amusing! very true about female artist all looking like ho's..WTF is all that about? x