Monday, 16 November 2009


Phew, Wow, corblimby, jesus, The Mormons, you name it, I swore on it last night!! Please Allah, God, the universe...please don't let the power permanently go and have over 8,000 screaming Italians literally Tear the place Up!
Yes folks the power in the Palasharpe passed out mid gig not once but twice during the biggest show on the tour and what did those crazy Latins do...nothing, you see they're used to these massive catastophies we...on the other hand...shat ourselves then carried on regardless, keeping the beat going via simultaneous audience hand claps and nervous Eddy Murphy grins! and would you believe it...IT WORKED! long enough for the promoter to find change, throw it in the meter whereapon the power groaned and heaved itself up the cables to the roar of mama mia!! Yes they loved it (or loved that fact that we didn't storm of the stage!) And the gig went on, the fans didn't riot and we didn't have to 'touch cloth' again.
My only gripe is those hazy Italians know your coming back for an encore so THE DON'T CHEER FOR IT!!!! whats that about! when we disappeared the second time they knew we might actually come back so NOW they go crazy!!! Only in Italy huh...only in Italy!! ;-)


  1. I agree, but we are unfortunally used to problems... but you were great fantastic amazing
    so who cares of the tecnical problems when Skunk Anansie are on stage after 10 years...
    thank you for coming

  2. Love the jacket. Looks like you've raided the Crystal Dome.

  3. We are strange.... we are Italian!
    But Italy absolutely loves you guys!!!

    what a lovely look skin!