Sunday, 22 November 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga Jerk off!

Beyonce and Lady Gaga rock out in this big phat slobbering dirty R&B fatty from the hip-flip queen herself! Expect loads of jerking, wineing up of waists and tits that get jerked up so hard you think they might fly off and hit you in the eye. Thank god the suspenders only have a couple of short airings! I just think they're tarty...but not in a good way!
Gaga does look alot like Beyounce's skinny white trailer trash cousin from Arkansas but she really has a bash at all those dislocating hip movements and keeps herself low and in the forefront and so avoiding concussion from Beyounce's tidal weave! All in all, this is a smasharoonie from the comic book intro to the water gun M16 firing on the back of a Harley (oh yes she did!)
A Fantastic video, Kanya West should be very proud!