Tuesday, 24 November 2009

R.I.P. Derek B

Click here to read about the death of one the most influencial and iconic rappers. My condolences to his family.

Is Whole Foods Market just another evil corporation?

Click here the read response to this question by Leading Enviromentalist Christiana Wyly.

I actually got to do my swimming action!!

I confess there was quite a bit of groppage going on but I survived with all my bits!

skunk anansie Live!


Monday, 23 November 2009

Sunday, 22 November 2009

SKUNK ANANSIE nominated for top artwork prize!

Its still not too late to vote for skunk anansie as best artwork!
CLICK HERE to vote! Tell your friends!

Beyonce & Lady Gaga Jerk off!

Beyonce and Lady Gaga rock out in this big phat slobbering dirty R&B fatty from the hip-flip queen herself! Expect loads of jerking, wineing up of waists and tits that get jerked up so hard you think they might fly off and hit you in the eye. Thank god the suspenders only have a couple of short airings! I just think they're tarty...but not in a good way!
Gaga does look alot like Beyounce's skinny white trailer trash cousin from Arkansas but she really has a bash at all those dislocating hip movements and keeps herself low and in the forefront and so avoiding concussion from Beyounce's tidal weave! All in all, this is a smasharoonie from the comic book intro to the water gun M16 firing on the back of a Harley (oh yes she did!)
A Fantastic video, Kanya West should be very proud!

Saturday, 21 November 2009

My Fave Album of the year so far- JACK PENATE EVERYTHING IS NEW

It must be said the cheesy chicken wing dance did wanna make me cut his toes off. His dress sense ocassionally erred on the side of visual sucide one too many times it can also be said. Album one from Mr Penate was all a bit too freckin happy happy for me, esp when you heard those singles over and over and over and over again, although I was happy for him, I liked his face, indeed I confess I liked, not loved, his oh-so-indie tunes, the man definately knew how to write a corker which always warms my stone cold bleeding heart.
Then ‘Today’s Tonight’ shook me, Everything was new! I loved every note of this glorious album from start to finish. Shimmering African inspired guitars, undulating sexy salsa beat sprinkled with plentiful, beautifully memorable hooks and lovely lucious lyrics, the whole feel of it, inspired me and I’ve yet to find an album this year that I love more.
I’m also lovin’ his gruff grown up scraggy suited trobadour look, he’s grown into a gorgeous man, sexy in a ‘I’m a bit interested but really can’t be arsed’ way’ which is always best doncha think?
There have been many albums worthy of my adoration this year, Band of Skulls, Biffy Cyro, Florence, Fleet Foxes, Gul Boratto, Karima Francis, all rocked my gin palace, but Jack Penate’s Everything Is New is my album of the year because shows an artist of quality not afraid to move on a develop himself away from what made him succesful, this is not an album of change for change’s sake but an inspired stunning movement on from a very well recieved start. This album is very enjoyable to me, I love listening to it, a stunning piece of music produced by a man not afraid to climb out of a pool filled with his own hype.


Image by James Mountford
To view Daul Kim's campaigh for Christopher Kane @ Topshop CLICK HERE.

BHS beauties!

Are these not the worst maniquins you've ever seen? BHS Oxford street is the culprit!

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Dave Gohl(Foo Fighters) Josh Homme(Queens of the stone age), John Paul Jones (Led Zepellin), ALL IN ONE BAND! Now thats just greedy innit!, its enough to make you just say fuck it and throw in the towel.... but hold on a minute, like Real Madrid, just cos you got the best players, doesnt mean all you gotta do it put ya boots on!
"Supergroups" can be a recipe for disaster, I mean, thats alot ego in a small room for a very long time, someone's gotta suck it up and bend over and someone's gotta jump on a chair with a megaphone. In this case, Josh Homme defo had the keys to the ball clamps cos this album is classic Q.O.T.S. from top to bottom. The feel is rootsier, warmer, bit more earthy than your usual homme offering, John Paul Jones musta pulled rank at some point then, but if your a Q.O.T.S. fan you'll love it!

I admit my hooky little pop ears could have done with a bit more to hold on to, killer riffs begging in the gutter to become glorious pop songs sung by village idiots in karoke heaven, litter the floor of every track, grasping, desperate to have more than 10 seconds of airtime, yes it does get a little prog-rock, but I still love it.

This music makes me feel romantic, I have this beautiful vision of a bunch of likeminded friends getting together, having fun making great music and not really giving a fuck where it goes. You get such a strong sense that these are proper muscians who just love their chosen craft and wanna put some quality material into cyberspace to inspire, to influence and to generate greatness in others.
This is high quality, lovely rich succulent music made by people who love music, for people who love music, real music that moves the soul, evokes emotion and means something to anyone with real ears.
This is not an album of top ten corkers, its not an album for radio at all but a simply great sounding, well made piece of top grade shit, made by guys who really by now know what the hell their doing and I must say, doing it very well indeed.

The Amazing Hannah Marshall

I've also put my orders in for some stunning Hannah Marshall pieces.
I first wore her clothes last year to Salma Hayak's wedding in Venice, I can't tell you how many people asked me who my dress was by! It was a sensation and I felt red hot in it!
here's why....


Soooo excited about Atalanta Weller shoes!
I've put my orders in! My stylist Kim Howells has also been consulting with this bright new london shoe-star, so watch out for amazing things to come!

I got a suitcase full of NOKI Tees.

these are just little selection of all the NOKI t-shirts I bought just before the tour, aren't my little babies fabulous!


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Goodbye Florence! hello Austria!


Smashes & Trashes cover has made the top 50 nominations for "Best Art Vinyl 2009" on artvinyl.com.
The judges who picked the nominations are quite well known, which is nice. The judges only pick the nominations though, the public votes it out.
So if you (and your family and friends and everyone you know) would like to vote for Smashes & Trashes, you can do so on:


Monday, 16 November 2009


Phew, Wow, corblimby, jesus, The Mormons, you name it, I swore on it last night!! Please Allah, God, the universe...please don't let the power permanently go and have over 8,000 screaming Italians literally Tear the place Up!
Yes folks the power in the Palasharpe passed out mid gig not once but twice during the biggest show on the tour and what did those crazy Latins do...nothing, you see they're used to these massive catastophies we...on the other hand...shat ourselves then carried on regardless, keeping the beat going via simultaneous audience hand claps and nervous Eddy Murphy grins! and would you believe it...IT WORKED! long enough for the promoter to find change, throw it in the meter whereapon the power groaned and heaved itself up the cables to the roar of mama mia!! Yes they loved it (or loved that fact that we didn't storm of the stage!) And the gig went on, the fans didn't riot and we didn't have to 'touch cloth' again.
My only gripe is those hazy Italians know your coming back for an encore so THE DON'T CHEER FOR IT!!!! whats that about! when we disappeared the second time they knew we might actually come back so NOW they go crazy!!! Only in Italy huh...only in Italy!! ;-)

skin tries the D'Cruz look.

Sunday, 15 November 2009


Milan is freezing!
Check out my beautiful leather jacket given to me by TIGHA, also look out for a very cool young Berlin label called Butterflysoulfly outfits I'll be workin', love their stuff!!

The Mormons are coming...

The Mormons gave us a present addressed to the whole band and when we opened it we had a mormon bible in our possession accompanied by a sweet letter persuading us of their cause.
They were very nice and though, even if they did bring their child to help persuade us!!


Saturday, 14 November 2009

who am I wearing? image by Derek Santini,

SKUNK ANANSIE'S BERLIN GIG (12th Nov) gig streamed online!

For the first time ever a Skunk Anansie gig was streamed on line to over 60 websites, the wristbands are soooo cool, they're basicially a rubber wristband that you plug straight into your computer that has the whole gig on it! we played really well cos we knew the whole world was watching and I debuted a brand new skinsuit, shining GOLD, very flashy under our fab lightshow!
here's all the info...

You can now buy a full fllm of the show from Columbia Hall in Berlin online or as a great USB wristband.
Direct Link:

The gig was streamed live online , thanks to everyone who tuned in , hope you enjoyed it!

skunk on Der Lasste Show, Belguim

or cut and paste this link!


Saturday, 7 November 2009

mmmm MTV awards...oh what to wear...?? shall I go for total slapper or cocksucking ho?

I cant take it!!!!! the competition is too tough!! I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and do a video in nothing but a pair of suspenders, a pearl necklace with a dildo up me arse!
I mean, was it me or was the only press any woman got after the MTV awards in Berlin, dressed like a two quid hooker in a red Munich back alley window! Most disappointing of all was Beyonce, she don't even NEED to, that means she mus wanna dress like that!!! and I have to say not quite getting it right.
She's really been rockin' the European labels in recent years now mum ain't dressing her (how sad was that!), LOVE how she's been showing the beptics (black septics for those who don't speak french) how to rock in the finest couture but that look we'rent right hunnay, although she did show a certain someone how to rock Koma. miaow!

Saw Florence and The machine on David Letterman last night, looking good but why oh why please someone tell me...why did she play the only song on her album I don't like, "a kiss with a fist is better than none" is a very controversial lyric taken out of context but in the song I don't geddit either, she has such greatness on that CD and yet they played the song that showed her off the least. GUTTING! I can only presume The Letterman people MADE them do it get some excitement going on in their tired asses. It may have made them look edgy and 'cool' but it did nothing for the wonderful gorgeous talent that is Florence and the machine.
yes i did.
My birthday present to myself, Ring commissioned by me designed and made by Jaqueline Raburn.
Its white gold with a 1.3 flawless diamond (responsibly scourced) incase in it, may favourite piece of jewellery EVER!!

Fred Butler

This is me trying on my incredible Fred Butler piece made esp for the Skunk Anansie tour. I totally love it and wore it for our Brighton Concorde warm up show. Please excuse the manic stare into the distance, Kim Howells (my rockin' stylist) made me do it! ;-) fred butler

This amazing creation is by Craig lawrence, its one of my entrance pieces made esp for the tour and it rocks!
Image taken by Morgan White

Image by Morgan White

This image was taken by Morgan White during our recent warm up show at The Camden Ballroom.
I have to say its the best live shot ever taken of Skunk Anansie and the whole band agree!

Here we go!!!

Well fuck me I'm a blogger!
Now i count that as 3 moves over to the dark side, the first was an iphone purchased under the conviction to get my hideously high phone bills down below the million pound mark...hasn't happened, the second was Twitter. You see all those lovely people wanting to join my personal face book have to be fed skinmeat somehow so I've decided Twitter was the only way to calm the pain recieved from the 'ignore' button! last and definitely least is a skin blog but this is the kinda dark side i like!
The thing is i do like to write ..or should i say say word-hurl, so let me start out by not apologising for bad grama, bitchy bating, political incorrectness, verbal lard, sexual impropriety, inexcusable 'look of the day's, inflated opinions, obvious plugging, fashion fixations, political diatribe or frequent disappearances (cos I'm well freckin busy!) cos you'll get them all! You'll also get a bloody good read, some pretty/not pictures /video diary and pure skinview written only by me for you with hopefully alot of cheek and a couple o'laffs!
Hold on to your David Koma"s..!...here we go!!!