Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I actually got to do my swimming action!!

I confess there was quite a bit of groppage going on but I survived with all my bits!

skunk anansie Live!



  1. Blimey! And woohoo, I may well see that mightily impressive swimming action at Wolverhampton tonight!!!
    (must scuttle off and prepare my special groping mittens immediately...!)

  2. Skin the moment you actually grabed my hand in Vienna was absolutely unbelievable. I know for u it was another concert with hundreds of fans waving their hand a you and trying to get closer, but I will definitelly remember that evening forever...

    It was the best concert I've ever been too and u are... Just GORGEOUS!!! :) Come baaaaaaaack soon!!!

  3. haha...i'm the guy who made that video...so happy you've seen it...you were cool as fuck...you guys rock...can't wait to c u again

  4. I did give your lovely bald bonce a bit of a rub when you went past....sorry....although it wasn't what you'd call a grope. PS My gf is totally loving your look and considering a very short/shaved haircut. Should be interesting!

  5. Just thought I'd assure you I managed to restrain my aforementioned 'special groping mittens'(after all, my mummy taught me never to fondle strangers!)
    My brother, however, concerned that you might fall during that awesome crowd surf, 'accidentally' grabbed your bum... his wife is seriously displeased!
    Anyway, I'm being long-winded (and largely nonsensical) - basically, that Wolverhampton gig was incredible; you're all bloody brilliant!! See you next year! :D

  6. Wow that was awesome... Very bold and courageous of you, Skin ;)
    Please, come to the US!