Tuesday, 26 January 2010

I'm back!

Hello sweet blog victims, I must firstly apologise for leaving you with nothing but a scowling Ace for a while, my facebook friends will know that I've been zipping around the planet faster than a speeding Schumacher (sorry Lewis...Jenson..whatever) and while that's no excuse for my lazy fingers its the only one your gettin'.
I spent a whole month on the other side of the planet with my better half and we had a gay old time! I'll post a couple of cute pics for your delectation, but now I'm in freezing cold Berlin, back to work with a bang and enjoying every minute. Trying to conquer sleep has been a little bit testing hence the early morning blog but everything has its up side and mine starts now. Enjoy!


  1. Welcome back in Berlin...
    and...Yea, it´s fucking cold, but you´re lucky, the sun is shining again..

  2. But the frozen snow turns going to work into an extreme sport!!!