Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Getty Villa, Mailbu

I couldn't resist passing by The Getty Villa in Malibu on my travels through Los Angeles, it houses J.Paul Getty's original Art collection, silly me thought I was off to see the house where they all lived (shoulda done my research as he never saw it completed even though he died two years after its completion) but instead I was treated to his re-incarnation of the famous Villa of the Papyri, wonderful but nowhere near as much fun. So if you are interested in stunning ancient antiquities that catapulte you back to the days when robes and whippings were a must, your'e in for a wonderful treat but if you , like me, wanted to see worn patches on leather armchairs or a dressing table covered in divorce papers next to a silk dressing gown, a cigar and a ransom note, you'll be bitterly disappointed.


  1. I really love your music! You're fucking great!

  2. thankyou but what about the blog? ;-)

  3. The blog it's fucking crazy! :p in a good way!

    since I was 14 years (i guess) I hear your sound, and it was love at first sight, even when you guys separated, it was sad...but you SKIN came back with an amazing record, and then when were announced the return of SKUNK...DAM... was brutal.
    I'm from Portugal, and could see you almost every time you came here ... no words!
    sooooo .... :) I accompany you, and your blog is no exception! You SKUN ANANSIE are the best, congratulations, and continues to post!

    P.S.: sorry if my english isn't the best! LOL
    love to all, eheh