Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The tour is over, the dust is ready to fall on sequined skinsuits, the firejacket is packed away, all the guitars gone, yes Skunk Ananasie are officially on holiday, knackered, breathless, sweated out like two lovers splayed across the bed in post tourmatic glee.
It was a great tour, we sold out every night, its true to say it was exhausting, we had no trickery, it was just four people rocking out onstage using pure emotion and the chemistry they were lucky enough to claim from the phoenix ashes, raw, untreated and absolutely fucking amazing.
We love being is this band, its ours, no one can touch it, no one can touch us. So now its time to rest and repair ourselves for a new album, a new begining and a fantastic year in the making.
Next week I'll be in Los Angeles so this blog is about to get a whole lot sunnier, so I'm gonna enjoy christmasy freezing cold London while I've got it and try and get some xmas shopping in, they may have all the sun, but we have all the labels!


  1. Enjoy your holiday it's absolutely deserved... Can't wait for the new album u guys r working on.. Have fun in summer and share some of ur holiday experience with ur fans over heeere :)

  2. Que disfrutéis de vuestras merecidas vacaciones, os lo habeis ganado! esperamos con ansia vuestros próximos trabajos y conciertos :)
    love x

  3. "post tourmatic glee", love that! Can I use it on a Tshirt?!