Monday, 14 December 2009


FIRSTLY, I must start off by saying my girl ROCKS!! she found out my favorite new band, BAND OF SKULLS, were playing in LA and snatched up some tickets! Of course me being annoying inquisitive, I totally guested my surprise beforehand (I had to! its very hard to dress for a surprise you know!) So I spent the whole day banging out their album in readiness for my evening of es tasty and estasty it was!

Out of Southampton, Bass Player Emma Richardson, Guitarist Russell Marsden and Drummer Matthew Hayward were truly magnificent, Russell needs a special mention as I have to say he's one of the best axeman I've seen in many many years, a stunning player, he's got it all, sound, touch, melody and most of all feel, a beautiful player that I could watch till the cows come home, make coco and curl up in a bed of hay and cacofiny of farts.
Bass player Emma is solid as a rock, a Kilimanjaro size of piece of granite in fact. I thought my bass player was cool but this girl is ice-tastic, can I say a 21st century Chrissie Hynde?, all black, all legs, killer-stare and with a clear calm distinctive voice, I love her. Extra special mention also goes to drummer Matthew, he plays drums like he has a personal vendetta against them and as he sips blood red wine between tracks, he get meaner and more hateful towards them, muttering letting them know who's the fucking boss on this stage baby, and just when you thought he's avenged his demons he whips out a guitar and delicately strums it like its his firstborn. A very talented threesome indeed, and as a band they just fit, it works, they gel and sound absolutely fucking incredible. American radio are beginning to love them but lets hope we get a chance to love them in the UK too, either way I truly hope this band get the adoration, love and respect they truly truly deserve cos they're one of the best bands to come out of the UK in a very long time.

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