Sunday, 20 February 2011

Skunk Anansie European tour so far!

Two weeks in and we are honed to perfection, sold out crowds everynight have made it our crazyiest tour ever. Many thanks to my amazing stylist Kim Howells for putting together a marvelous team of talented young designers and to Sylvia Mottram our on tour wardrobe boss from stopping it from all falling apart!


  1. I was really impressed with the show, I've been a fan since the 90s but didn't have the chance to see you live until last week, I was not disappointed, you guys rock!


  2. I saw few of your costumes from the tour and have to admit they're marvellous! just like a piece of art

  3. Seen you 4 times over the last year in the UK and can't wait to see you again. Love the pics above especially the last 2 - how do you get your head so smooth? Looks more gorgeous than ever on you btw.

  4. when i was 14 ,i saw you in ahoy.
    Now i am olmost 27 and i saw you in atwerp.
    It was fucking great.I cryd with i can dream.not because im sad just because i was so happy to see you guys.Keep up the good work.

  5. Some pics of your great show @ Aéronef Lille :

  6. You're gig last year in Munich was the best gig I have been to in 10 years.

    Saw you again in Munich in February and I'm loving it. What you guys do on stage is amazing.

  7. Hey, how are you getting on? xx any updates

  8. I can't wait to see you in İstanbul. finally!
    I am attending the second day of rockncoke just to see you.

    Skin, I've been looking at your recent setlist but I haven't been able to see some of my favorite songs please I'm dying to see you scream in Tracy's flaw, and my new addiction is talk too much, that song is like a drug. Cheap honesty is one of the greatest. I am hoping you wont skip "she's my heroine" either. We are expecting to get mad with these..

    I will be there, in front, singing every word with you...